Wait, Where Did Our New Hire Go?

“An abrupt change of heart after saying yes to a job can have career repercussions years later—here’s how to navigate this delicate decision.”

Sue Shellenbarger provides an interesting perspective on the difficult decisions that accompany making a career move. There are a lot of moving pieces that must be factored into the decision calculus, and although there is no “fool proof” method to follow, please consider the following when mulling over potential offers..

When interviewing with more than one employer:


1. Make clear early what you’re looking for in a new job.
2. Ask employers their timeline for making a decision.
3. Express appreciation and enthusiasm when receiving an offer.
4. Take time to assess each offer carefully, weighing both financial and quality-of-life factors.


1. Communicate important decisions by text or email.
2. Try to pit one employer against another in a bidding war.
3. Respond to a job offer by announcing that you already have a competing one.
4. Base your decisions solely on pay.

Do you agree with Sue? Please let us know your thoughts and check out the rest of the article, link found below!

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