Important W-2 Information

2021 W-2 statements were mailed on January 14, 2022

Quickbooks Workforce provides online access of your W2 by logging onto  Online W-2 access is only available for active employees.

Sign up If you have never signed up for Quickbooks Workforce or View My Paychecks, you may do so by emailing An invitation email will be sent to your email on file.

Quickbooks Workforce Password Reset If you need a password reset, contact Intuit by chat WM is unable to reset your passwords.

Quickbooks Workforce Login Error If you are trying to login and receive an error to contact your employer, please email for help.

Request for a W-2 Reissue can be made by submitting an email request to on or after January 31, 2022. Please allow 7 – 10 business days for your request to be processed.

Due to the volume of requests being received at this time, as well as to protect the confidentiality of your information, we are unable to accept phone requests.

Undeliverable W2s WM Payroll will email associates if their W-2 is returned in the mail. Please respond to the email to have your W-2 resent to your updated address.

Incorrect Social Security Numbers or Name will require a corrected W2 (W2-C). If you have received a W2 with an incorrect social security number or name, we ask that you provide a copy of your social security card to, that will allow us to merge the earnings to the correct social security number and issue a corrected W2.

Can I see my paystub online?

Wollborg Michelson has partnered with Intuit’s QuickBooks Workforce Service. This service gives employees 24/7 online access to their own paycheck info. No more replacing lost or damaged pay stubs. The web address to access your pay stub info is:

After your first paycheck, you will receive an invitation from Wollborg Michelson to sign up for Workforce. Sign up right away as the invite is only valid for 10 days.

If you already have an existing Workforce account. Don’t worry. You can accept multiple invites so you can access pay stubs, and W-2’s from multiple employers. Just make sure to provide them the same email address you use for your existing Workforce account.

Can I see my W-2 online?

Yes! You may access your W‐2 online by logging onto

Once registered, you will see a tab labeled “W‐2”. W‐2s are typically uploaded by the 3rd week of January. If you do not see a W‐2 please email for further assistance.

If this is your first time visiting this website, email to receive an invitation to create a login.

If you cannot remember your old password, you should be able to obtain your User ID and/or new password by clicking on “I forgot my user ID or password”. The next screen click on “Try something else”, then enter your Last name, Date of Birth, SSN and Zip Code.

Which days are included in a pay period?

A pay period is a recurring length of time over which employee time is recorded and then paid. Wollborg Michelson’s pay period for our temporary employees is weekly from Monday to Sunday. All hours worked and properly submitted in a timesheet will be paid the following Friday, except for banking holidays.

When do I get paid?

Employees who are enrolled into direct deposit will see their pay deposited into their designated bank account on Fridays (except for banking holidays).

Paper checks are dated for Friday (except for banking holidays) and are mailed from San Francisco, CA to the most recent address that we have on file for you. We mail checks to allow sufficient time for them to arrive on Friday. However, we cannot control the speed or service levels of the United States Postal Service.

How do I enroll in Direct Deposit?

Contact the Accounting Department at to receive a Wollborg Michelson Direct Deposit e-form. Please allow up to two pay periods for your Direct Deposit to be set up after signing the e-form.

How do I know if my direct deposit sign-up was processed?

When you submit a properly filled out direct deposit form and proper bank-issued documents, you will receive an email from us with the subject “Paycheck Handling has Changed”. This email indicates that we have entered your direct deposit details. Direct Deposited paystubs will reference a “DD######” in the check number field. Paper issued checks will have a reference number starting with 2.

It’s Friday afternoon and my direct deposit does not appear in my bank account, what should I do?

We ask that you call your financial institution first. Many times, financial institutions have their own processes which could delay posting funds to your account. If your pay still has not posted to your account by the afternoon, please reach out to us immediately to determine next steps.

I need to find my paystubs from a prior year, how can I do that?

Wollborg Michelson emails a password-encrypted paystub to all associates for every week that you work. The easiest way to find these is to search your inbox for emails with the following subject line:

“Pay Stub from Wollborg Michelson Personnel Service, Inc.”

Then follow the instructions in the email to enter your password.

How do I calculate my sick pay?

Contact for all questions and concerns regarding calculating your sick pay.

I’ve moved, how do I update my mailing address?

Contact your recruiter or email with the correct information as soon as possible.

I think you are taking too much/too little taxes out of my paycheck?

Wollborg Michelson partners with Intuit Payroll (makers of QuickBooks & TurboTax) to calculate taxes withheld from your paycheck based on the information you provided on your W-4 form(s). You can always adjust your withholding by submitting a new Federal W-4 and/or state withholding form (if applicable) to Please allow up to two pay periods for your tax exemption change to take effect.

I received a garnishment notice (intent to withhold) with my paycheck, what happens now?

Wollborg Michelson must comply, under the law, with all governmental agencies orders to withhold monies from your paycheck. We will withhold monies as directed by the agency until a full release is received from the governmental agency. Wollborg Michelson does not contact any government agency that is withholding monies from your paycheck on your behalf.

The hours shown on my paystub don’t exactly match the hours from my timesheet, what happens now?

First, we need to contact your supervisor to determine if any discrepancies exist with the timesheet that you submitted.

Sometimes the hours on your paycheck will differ slightly from the hours on your timesheet. This is because time can be expressed in two different ways, either as decimals or as hours and minutes. Your timesheet records your time in the decimal format but your paystub shows your time worked in hours and minutes. Please see this conversion chart for additional information:

Did I get paid this week or What did I get paid this week?

Instructions on where to look in Staffing Backbone.

My Paystub is password protected, what is the password?

To open your password protected PDF paystub:

The first four characters of the employee last name. If your name is shorter than 4 characters, use your whole last name (do not append the first name to it). These four characters are always lower case.

The only time your password would contain an uppercase character is if the first character of your last name was an extended character.

The following ARE EXAMPLES ONLY:
The last four digits of the SSN
Any non-alpha character is removed from the last mane (no dash, space, etc)

The following ARE EXAMPLES ONLY:
If John Smith’s Social Security Number was 123-45-6789, his password to view an emailed paystub would be smit6879
The password for Ben Narramore with SSN 855-56-4545 would be narr4545
The password for Deb D’Spain with SSN 782-34-3419 would be dspa3419
The password for Jimmy Wu with SSN 903-88-7465 would be wu7465

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