Make The Most Of Your Networking Event With These 13 Tips

“Succeeding in business is all about making connections.” -Richard Branson

Forbes sheds light on how to make the most of networking events with these 13 tips:

1. Be strategic about the events you attend.
2. Commit to taking one action when you get home.
3. Volunteer as a presenter.
4. Create a clear 30-day plan.
5. Build pre-conference relationships.
6. Be genuinely interested in others.
7. Teach somebody what you have just learned.
8. Follow up.
9. Engage your senses.
10. Get social on social.
11. Create an accountability partnership.
12. Seek mentors and role models.
13. Connect, be curious and ask for help.

Do you agree with the list, let us know your thoughts! Please see below to read full article from Forbes.

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